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that was just. over the last twenty years bangladesh has become a global center for leather production. this industry generates over three hundred fifty million euros per year for the country was very bad suburb of the capital dhaka around three hundred tanneries occupy a field of twenty five acres producing the clothes and leather goods that flood the international market was that was more than fourteen million skins are treated every year in the slum warehouses in tanaris sit side by side. a nightmare situation for which we westerners are also responsible i was.
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was. all skins arrive like this every day and each one of the factories where in one of the has very bad tenor is an average sized factory employing around thirty workers it's here that the cycle of leather tending begins. every day around one thousand tonnes of skins arrive directly from albatross all over the country to be stored in this hangar. goat in cowskin derive coated in salt so as to avoid rapid decay. was what you want age hey i was in the morning we get the tiller. every so
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we cover the skins and lie them and dry them how they was next after applying the chemicals we place them in the tanning drums then we wash them i don't know why there was ever going to get large but we do this three times over again but then again there was. a large proportion of the litter bags jackets and other accessories we buy today produced in tanneries such as this the working conditions are antiquated nothing has changed in thirty years neither machines nor techniques. tanning is a long process to remove the parasites the facts in the hez work is kerry handled scrape intreat the tons of skins using numerous chemical products and wearing only gloves for protection.
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i am cutting the small pieces of skin that had been damaged during washing. sherman is one of the forty thousand working in a tanner is more than twelve hours a day nonstop manual workers are hired on a daily basis without training all contracts. few women are able to withstand such physically exhausting and wearing labor. i wear a scarf to protect my hair otherwise i would lose it. because of the lime water.
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and when the water runs over my hands it burns away my skin that what i. meant in the others put up with these working conditions for the simple reason that today in bangladesh forty percent of the population is unemployed getting a job in eternity is considered a lucky break. the main problem in the tannery is the smell. that makes us sick blackens and eats away at our skin. i don't know but people like me have no other choice than we have to take the job that.
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i work long hours because i have to cut the small leather pieces and unwrap the new skins they arrive. here to live what sometimes the skins are crawling with parasites and smell this towel. and it takes away my appetite. i remember my first day of work in the factory. the smell was so disgusting that i threw up and fainted next guy had the noise of the machines pounding in my head until it would burst. when i was sick for a week but now i'm used to it. and doesn't know how old she is she may be. twenty she's been working in
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a turn resort to use on a good month she can earn forty euros like it was that. i was. paid i don't know this is my mother's house. was good and this is my daughter. reza post three year old daughter thank god i don't know then i don't want. to get you know what. i. did. that was that there is nothing at the factory they are no medical support. and that i have no friends and there are no safety regulations do you know when i start every day at eight am and there's no paid overtime watch how they should you know i never get any holidays and if i miss half a day they counted as
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a full day without i don't know if i'm sick it's the same they count me up sent one down and so i have to go to work and even when i'm ill. i've never like either wise i'll have no money left at the end of the month. my mum got a good idea how bad it was the judge will let about a month. sherman spends ten euros on her rent and for this price she gets one tiny room in which to house the whole family. to the kid who was like her the majority of the slums five hundred thousand residents are dependent on the leisure industry. that. is enough that the abortion i never get a pay rise. get down i asked for one in january but nothing happened they said to be happy with what i had or leave money god i had the child after paying my rent and giving some money to my parents there's almost nothing left that does a good. if i had
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a better salary i could save some money but it's impossible right now. i need money to bring up my daughter and send her to school there's no one to show you how can i educate her properly without money. i've had a hard life will be the same for my kids. charmaine would like to be able to come to her husband to feed the family. what time did you get back home. five and you left because i went to the fish market. time should leave for work at noon i caught a cold i didn't feel well i'm not trying to tell you go to work at noon because you can't called. me how do you think i'm going to go to work at eight. little one preparing dinner.
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thank. you oh ok. i never wake up i don't get up now that the. national guard down there it goes we have no electricity and no gas here so it's difficult to cook partnership and i sent it to. process and as i'd like a more comfortable and cleaner life. i keep cleaning but everything gets dirty so quickly and i had to get. we live with the stink of the tanneries. we have every kind of problem here. good job i love you but we can't afford to go
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anywhere else so i have to stay in this disgusting environment no resonate with it that it was that good. i. never. thought i'd share it with a population of twelve million i exist to water is a serious problem thirty percent of the population don't have any sherman and her husband are among those who have the privilege of access to a water pump which they share with the neighborhoods but it's not drinkable and has to be paid for if you don't. need my husband pulls rickshaws back but he only works part time i don't mind then his that's why i have to work if he. was a little guy. i'm going to. look
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at the videos we get from syria these days you know people chaplain chopping off eating these intestines this is probably far worse than something that you play a being that hollywood movie highlights the united states of america to stop supporting people who have ideologies that can crush humanity in the name of religion in the name of interest in the name and the political and. i know c.n.n. m.s.m. b c news have taken some lightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be. true. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and i think.
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it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side with you is actually on here. and our teen years we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not going. to get a sense of the jokes that will handle the stuff that i'm. the real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being
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reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for democracy it's a step forward oligarchy carex it is toxic as it looked like spraying and. it was it was not the picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent. this.
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that i work for a miserable wage and they yell at me just that bad to shut them out and they're not my dad and i don't know. if. i can this morning i didn't go to work because i didn't feel well yes he is on the convention about the boss was unhappy about that he got angry with me. you told me i would lose my job if i didn't come back but how can i work in this state my hands and my feet hurt so much . money. he lives with his feet and hands are eaten away by the chemical products used through. the tanning process these products are extremely toxic for the skin but also when inhaled the tanning factories have no ventilation system. all the workers are exposed to danger but especially those who are in direct contact with the chemicals.
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proximately three hundred products necessary to soften and the skins ammonium acids wrestling fans are see as old crow mates hydrogen sulfide and more. inflammable explosive and corrosive they use requires training the workers never receive. we use all the derivatives of potassium. but how c.m.i. and ammonium. when we rinse the skins we use lots of acids. and we put them in the drums that can be dangerous. for the new workers it's dangerous but after they get used to it was. to get my hands there i k.
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there's no problem at batteries because i've just used chemicals. that was emit when there's a few doctors working in his area bag. you know. these little. you lose you. know the few where you know you have. to fix the colors on the skins the workers use mercury huge quantities are used for blue and for black this process has been outlawed in france for twenty years because mercury permeates the body and contaminate all the vital organs. still. to let. you see.
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these. in two thousand and ten at apex one of the country's so-called little tanneries three workers died and ten was seriously injured in an explosion caused by an error in the handling of chemicals. yes there are accidents you have to be careful throughout the whole process especially when turning the drums on and off and when you put the chemicals in. we often drop the sacks on our feet touch the chemicals. one third of workers will be injured. fifty years now the term is unions representing twenty thousand workers has attempted to improve working conditions for its members but to no avail. what i've. got
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a little one of the to be owners conversation and their behavior towards us. shows that their priority is to give us the least they can. without for many years that a union in our union has put forward baseball solutions. that they show no interest in not to go around with i think with the tight shit going on with us so we have no other choice than to revolt that up i'll not. long live the union strike no workers unite the workers of the world unite work version of the world get open fire. how much of your system almost all of us a sick or not we're going to the bosses have never taken any health measures for a night and i don't want doctors in the factories caring for the workers you know but i like them that's why every day here at work is die from leather sickness look
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at the gum or see. when the workers take to the streets to demand an increase in the minimum wage the police welcome them with guns and ammunition. in two thousand and ten several thousand demonstrated three died fifty were injured and hundreds were arrested. i'm not sure from the way to the leather industry that is not a risk to health from one of the. national we want the bosses to respect the employment and health legislation of this country you know see because she doesn't have the money i mean a job by ignoring the law they make bigger profits lobbying the government.
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was. as it does allow i do this to protect her from evil. ones or later the nation i don't like and. my daughter is three but she still can't walk properly there are not. she has trouble eating and falls over a lot. she still can't touch that one of allah now. she's very weak and her health is very fragile and i was in the wrong i'm not too bad but i can only afford to feed her rice and biscuits back ok i'm like yeah we're going to. need a couch telly. and. sharman has no
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health protection the only way she can obtain health care is at the same soul dispensary which offers free consultations. to a school. ninety percent of the of the workers develop an illness as a direct consequence of their work if you live beyond fifty. percent what are your symptoms are six months i've gradually been feeling worse and worse the more i work out the weaker i get. where do you work it
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out the other factory. visually time here women working in canneries are often frail. but they suffer from the general infections they're very joint pain fever and coughing. children want to. finish it off and have respiratory complications in the morning they leave the men of rosso debilitated hardish from their body little suffering from parts problems and gastritis. can not simply. feel. shamming also worries for her daughter. who is not growing well. after that where is your child while you are working that's if she stays of my little brother. i'm here for the last twenty years right now i'm just maybe going to. be in the form
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you're doomed from the going to. you believe if you want him there. in his own bag no one is that. tight as he is three hundred times higher here than in the rest of the country but sherman and her family have no other choice than to endure the working conditions and to live in the sun breathable environment if you. please three or four stars you get. here you can. live here i'm coming from long sleeve. dollars. i don't feel any better. but if you take the one you should. see. this thing that i.
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recently and despite her age showman's mother was forced to go back to work in an open air factory in the center of the slum. here there are some terrible smells but am i what can we do. i want if we had rice in our belly what would worry about it but it can't be our priority today. in the countryside life is peaceful. in other countries there there is no work no food and in the winter. of a dish. that does happen. every year eight hundred thousand people leave their own fertile land so fertile lands to
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crowd into his every bag and its surrounding area it's. a willing to accept such conditions because the turner is of their only hope. sharmeen is among these climate refugees she's originally from. the northern island of bangladesh and goes to buy water in two thousand and five and i understand that . we had to come here yeah because the river overflowed that none of them and house was washed away. so i'm going to have a little think about that with the mother didn't my parents have nowhere else to live so they stay here with us down in that way only did they tell you that the on the flight and i didn't know what is your but i'm also from boulder and i ended up
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here because my home was swept away i built my house seven times and seven times it was carried away by the flood waters i have no more land to live on and no money to buy more there was no more work for us there that's why i came to talk about it when i'm on the rails i work at the tannery for forty five euros a month it's the only way for me to survive. on this yet. among showman's friends and family some children also have to work to help their parents. survives how do you have. all of that and then it ends up with. the line and send them a bill for this and if i'm going to. get. in the business that i get my gametes your mother who works instead of your father and you hate me. that globe .
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millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can the very strong position against g.m.o. and we think that's. the genetically modified products are pretty cool. there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the most crap i don't believe that. the free. enterprise is profit that's. for sure. golden rice barkeep.
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put it on your arm and watch as the. face i describe below. was. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face.
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didn't pick torches you touched on here in moscow it said to be taken to red square for a spectacular sight of one side of the flame on an epic journey across the twenty in fourteen winter games host country where following its arrival and all the day's events i. also saw looking at some of the big stories that shaped the week a u.s. government shutdown and the looming default threaten to severely damage the country's economy and send shivers down the spine of international lenders. netherlands demands that russia stop the prosecution of greenpeace activists for piracy. the protesters said temp to scale an oil rig posed a threat to the crew and the environment. and us.


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